Renegade Mothering Rocks

Renegade Mothering Rocks

Janelle Hanchett started writing her blog Renegade Mothering 5 years ago, and well, she’s something else. Her blog is hands down my fave blog about motherhood.

I gotta say I don’t read a lot of blogs about motherhood anymore. I used to, but I’ll be up front…a lot of them are a bit cheesy and full of the same tired old platitudes. It’s ace that there’s so many women sharing their experience, but it can be hard to find words that resonate with you.

But Renegade mothering is super duper. Janelle is heartfelt and impassioned, swears like a mofo and nails the contradictions and absurdities of motherhood and life. And she is funny as f*&#!

This is the first post of hers I read and it’s still one of my faves: 37 Reasons I’m having trouble “embracing the moment”

It can be so liberating when someone articulates EXACTLY what you feel. Especially if you don’t like the way you’re feeling or thinking. Knowing someone else is wrestling with the same junk seems to make the hard stuff feel less hard. You feel less tangled up in it all and free to move. Laugh even.

Don’t you reckon? Do you have a blog about motherhood that hits the mark for you?

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  1. I DON’T have a fave motherhood blog, because I feel like I live it enough that I don’t really want to read about it anymore! And what you wrote: cheesy. But that Renegade Mothering blog post was fabulous, and I loved her honesty and humour and damn, I reckon I should read all her posts! Thanks for sharing. I like your post alot too. Can really relate.

    1. Thanks Anna…yeah I agree with you about living it and I feel that’s why I don’t write much about mothering either.

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