Carissa Moore gets REAL

Carissa Moore gets REAL

I love Carissa Moore. I really do. The thing I love most about her is her honesty. She’s real.

This ESPN interview is a great read.

In it she’s open about her struggles with food, weight and body image, rather than trying to curate a perfect public persona.

Sharing your insecurities with a large audience through the media must be super daunting. But it seems like doing it any other way for Carissa would be disingenuous. This is wonderful on so many levels and I can only imagine how many young girls would take heart from Carissa sharing her story and ultimate acceptance of who she is and appreciation of her body and beauty.

In saying that…it gives me heart too. I, like a lot of girls and women have struggled with all of the above without the added pressures Carissa has. It’s warming to know you’re not alone and there’s always hope.





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