Gutsy and Graceful- Kelia Moniz longboarding Teahupoo

Gutsy and Graceful- Kelia Moniz longboarding Teahupoo

Man, I  love seeing a beautifully made clip of ladies surfing.

This clip titled ROAM of Hawaii’s 22 year old Kelia Moniz is just that. Delightful and dazzling lady sliding.

The longboarding at Teahupoo is both gutsy and graceful. I always like it when surf clips and movies show wipeouts. It reveals the whole picture, not just the good bits.  And that’s become even more important in this age of social media where we often only see the good bits of people’s lives. It’s not real, and it’s hard to relate to. Don’t you think?

It shows that no matter how good a surfer you are, the ocean will always humble you. You will never master it. And I think that’s why surfing is so appealing and addictive. Developing as a surfer is a constant work in progress. Much like life in general. Aren’t we always working out how to best live our lives?


Kelia Moniz in ROAM- long boarding around the world including Teahupoo

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