Taking Stock via Meet Me at Mike’s

Taking Stock via Meet Me at Mike’s


Do you follow Pip Lincolne’s blog Meet Me at Mike’s? It’s a treasure trove of ideas- things to make, books to read, shows to watch and different ways to think. That’s what I like best about Pip’s blog- she’s always considering new viewpoints from which to view the world. I really like that.

Pip does a regular post called Taking stock, which forces you to step back and get a solid grip on where you are at, and where you want to head. I’ve cut and pasted my responses below to Pip’s prompts. This is the first time I’ve done it and I really dug it. I always find writing helps you crystallise your thoughts.

I’ve posted a blank one below that if you want to have a go, and even post it in the comment section!

Making : An Anais Nin quote into an artwork with posca pens
Cooking : Slow cooker meals. So good and so easy in Winter. Yum!
Drinking : Coconut water
Reading: Shantaram. I can’t believe I bought this book last week- it’s thicker than a phone book and it’ll probably take me a year to read, but the first page had me captivated
Wanting: My children to sleep in!
Looking: at the ocean….always
Playing: hide and seek and ‘monster’ a.k.a running around yelling “Raaaaa”
Deciding: on whether to paint our scratched and drawn on walls now or wait another year or two
Wishing: that the weather starts to get warmer…but not too HOT!
Enjoying: the gas heater and snuggling up under a blanket on the couch when the kids are in bed at night
Waiting: for my Rell Sunn artwork by Fern Levack at Aloha to Zen to finish being framed and put it on the wall
Liking: my Ugg boots. I haven’t had a pair the last few years and forgot how good they are
Wondering: why time seems like it is accelerating? Seriously- we are nearly in Spring!
Loving: that my 5 year old ,Charlotte, is stoked on doing art classes this term. She used to cry at home and give up as her drawings did not appear as she wanted them too. Since her first lesson 3 weeks ago she’s keen as mustard to have a bash!
Pondering: how it came to be both my girls want a cat for a pet, and myself and Luke are not cat people at all! I’m told Ragdoll cats are the feline breed most like dogs…but hmmmm…I dunno
Considering: getting another tattoo…but just can’t make up my mind
Watching: the fourth season of Six Feet Under. Wow! This is a truly great tv series. I think perhaps my favourite ever
Hoping: that we as humans can do enough to keep this big blue orb spinning, and not continue on the path of truly stuff everything up
Marvelling: at the clouds. They are different in Autumn and Winter and they are beautiful
Needing: a good massage
Smelling: Eucalyptus and Peppermint oil in our oil burner- clears the head and freshens the air
Wearing: Lots of flannos. My flannelette shirts have been on high rotation this Winter. All I need is a pair of jodhpurs and riding boots and I’m ready for a hoedown. Yeeeha!
Following: One Wave Is All It Takes on Instagram. It is an initiative that promotes speaking up about mental health and getting in the ocean in your fluro gear to “free the funk”
Noticing: how busy life can be and how easy it is to get caught up in it all. Gotta remember to take a step back and breathe
Knowing: that good things lie ahead
Thinking: about too much probably
Feeling: like the idea of getting up early to do some form of exercise or meditation is just not gunna happen until the weather gets warmer
Admiring: all of the girls that Cindy Whitehead profiles on her site Girl is NOT a 4 letter word. So so RAD
Sorting: through a permanent mountain of clean clothes on our spare bed that somehow keeps growing
Buying: Eggs and more eggs. Luke my husband wants to get chickens…but I’m not yet sold on the idea
Getting: an article I wrote on Hawaiian legend Rell Sunn published in a future White Horses magazine. Woop! So stoked
Bookmarking: Rick Hanson’s Just One Thing articles. This neuropsychologist talks so much sense
Disliking: the way my voice rises incrementally when repeating the same sentence over and over, until I am shouting “PUT YOUR SHOES ON NOW!!!!!!!”
Opening: a copy of the Surfer’s Journal I got in the mail yesterday. My awesome cousin Mike bought a subscription as a Chrissy pressie and it keeps on coming. SO much nicer than opening bills…Urggh!
Giggling: hysterically when I went to see Wil Anderson at the Enmore theatre on Friday night
Feeling: stiff and like I really need to do some yoga
Snacking: on many things that I shouldn’t be
Coveting: time. I hate it when people whinge about how short the school day is…but it’s kinda true!
Wishing: I could be in Hawaii
Helping: my little man who is nearly 2 years old, bring in the garbage bins. Or rather- he has been helping me
Hearing: lots of the “Giggle Galaxy” song by Giggle & Hoot

Here’s a blank list if you want to have a turn:

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :



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  1. I Love Shantaram, it’s one of my fave books. What a great Taking Stock list, so many things to love. And I totally recommend getting chickens, they are awesome, hilarious creatures that are super easy to look after.

    1. Oh that’s great to know Lia re: chickens and Shantaram. I think we might get chooks next year. And I am really getting into Shantaram too- it reels you in!

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