Why LADIES Skate!

Why LADIES Skate!

I really  love this clip because, even though it is titled “Skater girls”, it actually features WOMEN skaters talking about why they love skating, and overcoming stereotypes and judgment to feel free and empowered.

I love watching females (and males) of any age rip, and it is wonderful to see young girls today going for broke. Many emerging from supportive environments, largely unencumbered by gender stereotypes. And yet, this isn’t the case everywhere. I am always astounded that our local skatepark is always full of school boys and young men. It is a rareity to see a school girl skating there.

And even more rare is it to see LADY SKATERS i.e. women over the age of 20 skating. In the last 3 years I’ve seen one other mother skating at the skate park. And I’ve seen dozens of dads. I get so pumped seeing women skate, because it feels almost improper to be skating as woman. I love that the women skaters in this clip are stylishly dressed women in their 20’s and perhaps 30’s doing what makes them feel good.

Whilst there is an abundance of clips and photos of men of all ages surfing and skating, as a woman in her 30’s I really love seeing INSPIRING WOMEN my age and older surfing, skating, and living an active lifestyle, because it is surprisingly rare, both online and in print.

I like to think that this will become more and more common.

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  1. aaahhhh so true!!! I never noticed before how the skate parks are boys only… it kind of sucks! Do you think it’s because women are intimidated by the boys? cant be because they’re not as good!! I’m so aware now of gender equality having a little 2 year old girl to raise. Great post x

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